Oluchi is a Nigerian model. In February 1903, the great fort of Kano, seat of the Kano Emirate was captured, Sokoto and much of the rest of its Caliphate soon capitulated. It is not to be confused with, Jihar Arewa Ta Tarayyar Jumhuriyar Najeriya, History of the Protectorate of Northern Nigeria, Last edited on 17 September 2020, at 16:40, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Agricultural sustainability in northern Nigeria, "Baroness Cox fact-finding mission to Nigeria reveals mass killing of Christians by extremists", "Nigeria to launch major security operation after wave of violence between Muslim herders and Christian farmers", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Northern_Region,_Nigeria&oldid=978904332, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 17 September 2020, at 16:40. [citation needed], The protectorate of Northern Nigeria was proclaimed at Ida by Frederick Lugard on January 1, 1897.

The state is dubbed “The food basket of the nation”. These states include: Between 500 CE and 700 CE Hausa people, who are thought to have slowly moved from Nubia and mixing in with the local Northern and Middle Belt population, established a number of strong states in what is now Northern Nigeria and Eastern Niger. [citation needed], Northern Nigeria gained self-government on 15 March 1957 with Sir Ahmadu Bello as its first premier. It is found at the northeastern flank of the Plateau. By 1500 CE the Hausa utilized a modified Arabic script known as Ajami to record their own language; the Hausa compiled several written histories, the most popular being the Kano Chronicle. Owerri. Makurdi is a port where goods like cotton which are grown within the city are shipped to Lokoja. The growth and conquest of the Hausa Bakwai resulted in the founding of additional states with rulers tracing their lineage to a concubine of the Hausa founding father, Bayajidda.

One of the best cities you would find in the northern part of Nigeria is Kano State. Northern Nigeria was an autonomous division within Nigeria, distinctly different from the southern part of the country, with independent customs, foreign relations and security structures. Agbani Darego. Akure. In 2011 she was crowned Most beautiful girl in Nigeria. Her major competitions: Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2001, Miss Universe 2001 (Top 10), Miss World 2001 and Miss World Africa 2001. The city attracts visitors with its array of appealing tasty delicacies, vivid social life, and a rich culture. As a result, a train ferry was what was used to cross the River Benue until a road-rail was built in the year 1932. [citation needed]. The city of Jos is a very special city in Nigeria because of the weather condition in the city. His favourite activity is pretending that he can sing. Sylvia Nduka. This gorgeous architectural masterpiece with breathtaking ambience, is set upon elevated peaks with staggering views and is the ultimate holiday getaway in the north. The Hausa , Fulani are chiefly Muslims. [citation needed], On March 13, 1903, the Grand Shura of Caliphate finally conceded to Lugard's demands and proclaimed Queen Victoria as suzerain of the Caliphate and all its lands. This page consists three different tables, with different kinds of settlements; a list for "defined cities", listing the population, strictly within the defined city limits, a list for "urban area" population, and another list for the population within metropolitan areas [citation needed] Guinean forest-savanna mosaic is plains of tall grass which are interrupted by trees. Talk about tourism, there is a museum in Kano which is known by the name Gidan Makam museum, a zoo that is known as Audo Bako Zoo. She also represented Nigeria at Miss World 2011. The Royal Niger Company's territory did not represent a direct threat to much the Sokoto Caliphate or the numerous states of Northern Nigeria. Born 22 Nigeria is no doubt blessed with beautiful women across her numerous tribes. [citation needed], The Fourteen Kingdoms unified the diverse lore and heritage of Northern Nigeria into a cohesive ethno-historical system. Many visitors have dismissed the stereotypical believe that Northern Nigeria is riddled with violence and terrorism alone. In the Sahel region, rain is less than 20 inches (508 mm) per year and the Sahara Desert is encroaching. Africa's urban population has been rapidly increasing in recent years.

[3] Fulani tribesmen have also had to endure merciless killings of them and their livestocks by christian farmers, they are aggressors on both side of this conflicts. The people of Benue state thrive in agriculture. This city of Abuja is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria.


this region experiences rainfall between 20 and 60 inches (508 and 1,524 mm) per year. The Upper House of parliament, called the House of Chefs, was similar to the British House of Lords, composed of unelected emirs of the various Native Authority Councils of the nation's provinces. Owerri is the capital of Imo State and one of the prides of the Igbo race. Makurdi is the capital city of Benue State in North-West Nigeria. It is in ranking the second city in terms of big cities in the whole of Nigeria and the city is called the “Centre of Commerce”. The governor presided over all ceremonial functions and appointed the members of the nation's upper legislative house, the Northern Nigerian House of Chiefs.

The expansive valleys of the Niger and Benue River valleys dominate the southern areas of the region. Here are some pictures of some of the most beautiful women in Nigeria. [2], Usuman dan Fodio ,The 18th century revolutionary and a social, religious and political reformer finally united the 7 Hausa States with newly created provinces into the Sokoto Caliphate. [citation needed], The great savannah belt of the Great Plains of Hausaland dominates much of the rest of the province. Popularly called J town, Jos is one of the most loved cities in northern Nigeria.

Cement industries in Sokoto and Bauchi and leather processing industries in Kano constituted the main manufacturing sector. Despite the violence and destruction of property that is almost synonymous with northern states in Nigeria, some states in the north still get a few visitors now and again and the major reason for this, I believe, is because northern states are rich in tourism. Northern Nigeria was an autonomous division within Nigeria, distinctly different from the southern part of the country, with independent customs, foreign relations and security structures. [citation needed], Governor Lugard, with limited resources, controlled the region with the consent of local rulers through a policy of indirect rule, which he developed into a sophisticated political theory. Northern Nigeria was divided into Thirteen provinces: Kano, the largest of the provinces in terms of population and economy, is in the North-Central part of the country. Genevieve Nnaji.

Apart from culture, tourism and industry, Kaduna is very big on education, home to one of the best universities in the country (ABU Zaria). Though it is in the north, not only Hausa people have created a habitat for themselves in the city, there are also Yoruba people, Igbo people, the Nupe, Igala people, and Ebira living in Lokoja.

In 1967, Northern Nigeria was disestablished by subdivision. The office of High Commissioner was first established on 1 January 1897, by letters patent from Queen Victoria. The Richards constitution proclaimed in 1945, gave overwhelming autonomy to the North, including eventually in the areas of foreign relations and customs policy. The highest mountain, Chappal Wadi, which stands at 7,936 ft above sea level, is the highest mountain in Nigeria. Let’s take a look at the top 10 cities that made the list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In Africa. Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. It is located in the high plains of Nigeria and it is has a Sudan savannah vegetation featuring short trees, shrubs and grasses.

It was named after two deities, Gura and Rara, which were worshipped by the Gwari people.