Josh Sagers drives cross-country on a mission to deliver his father's birthday gift - … Watch the trailer for The Puffy Chair here: Watch The Puffy Chair – the full movie – on Amazon Instant Video, The Puffy Chair at IMDb But the fight turns when she claims she deserves better and Josh gets very angry with her and stomps out. to Emily and she gets very angry at him for not appreciating romance.
Josh and high maintenance girlfriend Emily are having a nice dinner and decide that Emily should sleep over. "[17], "The Puffy Chair,' 10 Years Later: How a Little Indie Flick Predicted the Future of Film", "Say Goodbye to Mumblecore How The Duplass Brothers Rise Above The Ramble", "indieWIRE INTERVIEW: Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass, Creators of "The Puffy Chair, "Roadside and Netflix Join Forces for 'The Puffy Chair,, Pages using infobox film with unknown empty parameters, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 31 August 2020, at 01:48. It could have been an awkward comedy hiding its romance for its biggest part but revealing its warmer side near the end, or it could have been a more realistic, genuinely mad road trip of two people that very obviously don’t belong together. Plot Keywords The next morning Josh, feeling bad about what happened, goes to Emily's house and picks her up for the road trip, despite the original plan to go by himself, visit his brother Rhett, and get his father a purple recliner for his birthday. The resulting road trip to pick up and deliver the chair as a birthday present for the father in Atlanta takes interesting twists. The other man, in this small road-trip group of three, is Rhett (Rhett Wilkins), Josh’s brother. Later that night he burns the chair and Josh catches him doing this. No Comments. The trio get into one misadventure after another based partly on circumstances and partly on the different priorities each has for this trip. The Puffy Chair is a 2005 road movie mumblecore[3] film written and directed by Mark Duplass and Jay Duplass. Parents Guide.

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[12] The film was released in a limited release on June 2, 2006.

Josh tries to save money at a motel, has to negotiate with the seller of the chair and with an upholsterer, and faces tough questions from Emily. The first one, Josh (Mark Duplass), infuriated me because of his undying cynicism and refusal to step into any other person’s shoes. Emily is only slightly upset because Josh has to leave tomorrow to go on a road trip, but the dinner is still pretty calm. As a surprise birthday present for his father, Josh has made an online purchase of a second-hand, overstuffed burgundy recliner, exactly like the one his father had when Josh was growing up. The next morning, Josh goes to pick up the chair and has to get extremely firm, some would say hostile, with the man who does the reupholstering because he is being very unreasonable. The Puffy Chair could have gone either way –it would have all depended on the ending that brothers Jay and Mark Duplass chose for their film. Josh (Mark Duplass), a struggling musician, wins a vintage recliner in an eBay auction. Josh tells the man on the phone that he will call him back and calls Emily leaving an apologetic voicemail. It just presents itself to you, the way life does, and whether you like it or not, it’s really none of its concern. That’s what writers-directors Jay and Mark Duplass do. After a talk with his father about marriage, Josh talks to Emily about the future of their relationship and they mutually decide that they should break up.

Rhett does not appreciate the way that Josh obtained the chair and says it has "bad mojo". On the contrary, it means that it’s time to part ways; if you don’t like Josh, then there’s the door. As a woman, I failed to identify with, and in the end disliked, both the male characters presented to us. And that was when the writers decided to take it to a new level, by making Emily confess to Josh how much she’d love to marry him. Josh's initial plan is for he and his band mates to drive from New York, where Josh lives, to pick up the chair from the second-hand furniture store in Millbridge where he bought it, before driving to his parents' house in Atlanta, his parents who also have no idea that Josh is coming for the birthday. The shaky camera that blurs in and out of faces is ruthless. [15], Scott Founders of Variety gave the film a positive review writing : "The delicate art of reupholstery, as it applies to furniture and human relationships, gives weight to the comic machinations of “The Puffy Chair,” the smart and painfully funny debut feature by filmmaker brothers Jay and Mark Duplass. He tackles him and Josh ends up breaking his own arm. Emily throws the table about half way through the call and leaves.

[13], The Puffy Chair received positive reviews from film critics. The writers-directors opted for reality –no matter how difficult and blunt it may be– and personally, I’m glad they did. Rhett does not appreciate the way that Josh obtained the chair and says it has "bad mojo". Because now The Puffy Chair stands alone proudly, making no excuses for itself and no attempt to be liked by its audience. No, these are specifically Josh’s, Rhett’s and Emily’s problems; the rest of us just sit there, wondering when they’ll realize that they’re the ones doing this to themselves and that nothing is coming from above. And free-spirited and irresponsible Rhett, who believes in general aura as an overriding factor, wants to do whatever makes him happiest at any given time. He tackles him and Josh ends up breaking his own arm. But you see, the more they fail to realize the cycle they’re stuck in, the more this cycle becomes a great inside joke for us –just the way Jay and Mark Duplass intended it to be. | No matter how much I believe in love, I find this conviction that you can change the other person and tailor them according to your needs idiotic, not to mention, a big waste of time.
Their excuse for this road trip was to get this failed birthday present, a half-destroyed giant purple LazyBoy, to their father on his birthday.

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The Puffy Chair is a 2005 road movie mumblecore film written and directed by Mark Duplass and Jay Duplass.It stars Mark Duplass, Katie Aselton and Rhett Wilkins. Warm Sundance reception suggests dirt-cheap pic could develop a strong word-of-mouth following, particularly among college auds(sic). in Movie Reviews Her insistence to find romance where it doesn’t exist is damaging for both her and Josh. The ingenious ending wakes us from a dream in which we had unknowingly become complicit. Their faults are eccentric but real, and changing anybody like them would always end up impossible in real life, so it makes sense to leave them the way they are in the film too.

You’re with them in the van as they pee in a bottle, you’re with them when they fight and cry, you’re with them when they get married for no reason, you’re with them when they burp and set The Puffy Chair on fire.

Instead of just visiting Rhett as planned, Rhett tags along for the rest of the trip against Emily's will. The film concerns the relationships between men, women, brothers, mothers, fathers and friends. Emily just wants to spend quality time with Josh, who she hopes one day to marry despite Josh's unspoken and seeming phobia to commitment. A few times during The Puffy Chair I asked myself what she was still doing here; she was clearly unhappy. [It] is an unusually human comedy of manners that, even when it falters, feels like a breath of fresh air pumped into an asphyxiating genre. But this never means that things should change, as far as Josh is concerned. More: Andrew Bujalski Film and TV Kathryn Aselton La-Z-Boy Inc. Mark Duplass Reviews.

| With Mark Duplass, Katie Aselton, Rhett Wilkins, Julie Fischer.

And for its absolute, taking-no-hostages candor and cynical approach to love and relationships, I believe the Duplass brothers’ work is worth a celebratory mention. "[14] On Metacritic, the film holds a rating of 73 out of 100 based on 17 critics, indicating "Generally favorable reviews. It is what it is. The Puffy Chair (awards won and nominated for) at IMDb, Your email address will not be published. [10] The film went onto screen at South by Southwest on March 11, 2005. 27 Sep 2014 These misadventures may ultimately affect the individual relationships Josh has with Rhett and Emily.