Zach McGowan Peter Mensah Pearl Thusi Mayling Ng Katy Louise Saunders Inge Beckmann Stephanie Schildknecht Howard Charles Rizelle Januk Nathan Jones Peter Jessop Lesala Mampa, Stephen Sommers Sean Daniel James Jacks Mike Elliott Kevin Misher, Scorpion King 5, Scorpion King: Das Buch der Seelen, The Scorpion King 5 - Das Buch der Seelen, El Rey Escorpión: El libro de las almas, Le Roi Scorpion - Le Livre des âmes, Le Roi Scorpion 5, Le Roi Scorpion 5 - Le Livre des âmes, Le Roi Scorpion : Le livre des âmes, 스콜피온 킹 5: 망자의 서, Król Skorpion: Ksiega dusz, Kráľ Škorpión 5: Kniha duší, Scorpion King The Book of Souls, 102 mins   There's absolutely no reason this movie needs to be as dry and straightforward as it is. Pretty cool ending credits animation though.

This fifth entry begins about as poorly as you'd expect, and by the end it's... not... terrible, but other than tossing in burly dude in a neat rock monster costume, it remains largely joyless.

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. The Scorpion King: Book of Souls is a 2018 direct-to-video fantasy film released on October 23, 2018. Just binged this series with my bro for our annual Brother’s Day and this was the only one I hadn’t seen.

Consider my surprise to discover the series has been going strong over the last two decades. © Letterboxd Limited. The Scorpion King teams up with a female warrior named Tala, who is the sister of The Nubian King. The only reason I am rating this as high as I am is because I watched it with a friend of mine who had the time of her life with most of this movie. Sério que a moça bonita que morre é um livro. Together they search for a legendary relic known as The Book of Souls… Coming Soon. The film takes a mostly serious approach to the story and…. It’s definitely the most serious of the four.
Seeing it through her eyes has made me more generous than I would've been otherwise. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. Mathayus has gotten whiter and whiter until we've arrived at this permanently smoldering lump of muscular angst. It doesn’t have anything to match Billy Zane in part 3 and the narrative is a little nondescript compared to 2, but it’s a good-looking movie and McGowan is a strong presence. It might have the power to steal their souls? [1] It is the fifth installment in The Scorpion King series, [2] [3] and a sequel to The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power. Or I have been lying and its terrible in every way. First, he is a lowly blacksmith spending his days in peace making sickies for the farners. Maybe even too much. Film data from TMDb. The "Collection Name" is in the notes. It’s sooooo bizarre. Story: The Scorpion King: Book of Souls starts as Nebserek (Mensah) gains the power of Anubis destroying the land around him, becoming desperate to hunt down the last Akkadian, Mathayus, The Scorpion King (McGowan).