This gives them a sense of power over you and they will use it against you when they need it. A friendship should add to the fun and enjoyment of our life, not cost us in stress or hurt. The truth is, they couldn't care less that you're on a cleanse or trying to stick to your budget. They are not servants and they don’t work for you. Instead of being supportive of the changes in your life, they are always the one making you second guess yourself and feel guilty about personal growth. Instead of using words such as ‘you should’, ‘why don’t you’, you need to’, change these words to ‘have you ever thought of ..’, ‘perhaps you could possibly …’, ‘what if you did/said that…?’ This way you are not directing but suggesting. If you have a friend that is doing these, perhaps a rethink on the health of that relationship is in order. Ephesians Bible Study, Building Healthy Relationships Free Mini Course. Toxic people can get into the habit of putting down others without even knowing it, making it difficult to inspire epiphany. But how do you know who's really toxic and who isn't? Rather than turning a conversation of their success or heartache about yourself, listen, empathise or congratulate them leaving your experience out of it. There are some protocols to follow to ensure they flourish, not wither or burn. Dr Karen Phillip. All Rights Reserved | Developed by RDK. This is about them, not you.
Here are the five common traits in toxic friends you should be on the lookout for.

But, as soon as she saw them in person, it was as if none of that mattered and she was their best friend again.

Your friendship with other people does not negate your friendships with other people. Big or small, they always want to influence you in a way that will benefit them, thinking of themselves before you. 4 Things You Can Do About It, 5 Things to Do If You Don’t Want to Get Back to Work, Take Back Control of your Life with Positive Emotions, Had a Bad Day? If last night’s episode didn’t have you thinking about the types of friendships you’re holding on to in life, it definitely should have! Even if they are lying about something as small as their favorite food, they will be more inclined to lie about other things. They may use their social media for job prospects or family may be watching. Psychotherapist Erin Leonard tells, They Don't Defend You When You're Not In The Room. I’m a fairly quiet person, so I usually can just sit back and listen to my friends talking, but I know that if I wanted to share something or I had a story to tell that they would respect me and listen. Together they live in the country with their 2 active boys where she enjoys fruity candles and a hot cup of herbal tea on a blustery fall evening.

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They are someone who needs constant attention and cannot be alone, and if you want to hangout by yourself or do something without them, they will try to stay in constant communication with you even if they can’t physically be there. This is best explained in the Mean Girls scene where Regina George tells another student that her outfit is “vintage” but as soon as she leaves she tells Kady how much she hates it. Post continues below. If they can’t say anything nice about your other friends, it’s most likely because they are jealous of your friendships with them. Your email address will not be published. Whenever the phone rings and their name appears on the screen, you lowkey roll your eyes dreading the conversation. Today I share with you 9 traits of a toxic friendship and in the next article we will look at how to deal with toxic people in our lives. Is your friend who always tries to one-up you toxic?