If this is an emergency, please call Tufts Police at 617-627-6911 or 911 for Local Police. “I think that in reality, there is an incredible amount of subscribing to this overall worldview that the U.S. and Israel are partners and need to stick together to fight global Muslim terrorism,” she said. The authors spewed hatred against marginalized groups in the form of lies that cannot be backed up in order to fuel their perspectives.
They understand Israel and its security needs in ways a lot of audiences don’t,” Friedman said. It says that “The former St. Louis County police chief Timothy Fitch trained with the Israeli military three years before Michael Brown’s killing and the Ferguson uprising.” This is a textbook example of guilt by innuendo. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. I’ve always been interested in how we should balance individual and minority rights with majority rule.

The Tufts University Police Department's front entrance pictured on Jan 23. Like so many anti-Israel campaigns, Deadly Exchange is based on a combination of innuendo, guilt by association, and selective use of facts. A Tufts student disrespectfully asked them a question about living under “Hamas’ authoritarian regime,” which their chaperone declined to let them answer.
I’ve always been interested in how we should balance individual and minority rights with majority rule. Spencer Zeff, a sophomore and the co-president of Tufts Friends of Israel (FOI), said that he felt TUPD’s attendance at the seminar would make Tufts a safer place. Trestan did not directly answer the Daily’s question as to the ideological aspects of the NCTS, instead reiterating that “the strategies and tactics learned from Israel exchanges enable American law enforcement leaders to increase their ability to protect the U.S. from attack.”. Medford/Somerville Campus Amira al-Subaey, a junior at Tufts and a member of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), said that though TUPD’s attendance at the seminar was surprising to her, it was consistent with her view of the department. “The presentations we’ve had with these government security officials focus on dealing with the terrorist threat while also protecting civil rights of all people,” he wrote. Lorber also expressed concern at the ADL’s lack of transparency regarding the details of their seminars, which as Trestan told the Daily, are not made public due to concerns for the security of NCTS participants. Boston SMFA at Tufts campus. A 2016 itinerary for the NCTS was requested from the Orlando Police Department by journalist Alex Kane for an Aug. 2016 article in Mondoweiss and is linked to in the piece. We shouldn’t be comparing Israel and Muslim countries as ‘better’ or ‘worse’ because there is simply no scale when gay rights are fundamental human rights. Whether LGBTQ people are not allowed to marry, or whether they are prosecuted, homophobia is real. Lorber added that he believes “counterterrorism” is often a misleading umbrella term for racist and violent Israeli policing practices meant to preserve Israel’s continuing occupation of Palestinian territory. This form is not designed for emergencies. The victim reported to police that while… Read More Additionally, in 2005, Israel’s Foreign Ministry started a, ” which was intended to rebrand the country’s image as “modern” but tokenized LGBTQ people in order to further, op-ed from Sarah Schulman, an opinion columnist, which said that the Israeli government paid for an international campaign to boost Tel Aviv as “an international gay vacation destination.” The Israeli government seems to be regularly used as the, for New York Times articles. Police chiefs from Suffolk University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Northeastern University attended the seminar in 2016, according to an Arlington Patch article, in addition to Boston University, which sent officials alongside Tufts in December. ‘worst practices’ are shared to promote and extend discriminatory and repressive policing in both countries.”, “We’re very concerned that American police chiefs and high-ranking police officials are going to Israel to learn, under the banner of counterterrorism, some of the worst practices of oppressive policing that are used by the Israeli government to perpetuate its half-century occupation. The. “The only way I see this program having an effect on police activity at Tufts is in the event of a tragedy, where our police can use the crucial skills they learned through this potentially life-saving program.”, To some students, TUPD’s attendance raises concerns about political repression on campus, especially around pro-Palestinian student activism.”. If you are the victim of any crime (stolen funds), you must call TUPD at 617-627-3030 to file a police report, otherwise use this form to inform TUPD of an email scam made to members... Read More, We, the members of the Tufts University Department of Public Safety (TUPD), denounce the egregious actions taken by members of the Minneapolis Police Department, both by action and inaction, that resulted in the death of... Read More, An updated message from the Director of Public and Environmental Safety about Pedestrian Safety and working with the City of Somerville. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Your request will be reviewed and responded to during business hours. To criticize the government of Hamas for being homophobic when same-sex marriage is illegal in Israel is inherently biased.