They are challenging and sometimes the exams don't relax the content taught in lectures. From space science to Electricity and Magnetism it gives everyone an opportunity to find which topic they enjoy and excels at, which can then help choose future research or potential jobs. Check Program wise Fees. I got impressed and applied to college. University of Leicester.

I chose the University of Leicester because I had been to an open day previous to my application and I was blown away by the started of staff, expertise in the physics field, and atmosphere that surrounded the university. The average salary of the university alumni as reported by is 79,000 GBP. Also, specific courses have their own requirements. Disciplines of course offered at Leicester include nursing, MBA, Medicine, Engineering, Law, Education, Biological Sciences, etc. It's really thorough and I wish I was able to take all the modules in the English course here. University of Leicester | Yearly tuition: 22,605 USD. Leicester University maintains a sustainable campus and is ranked 35th in the world and 9th in the UK by UI GreenMetric World University Rankings for Green commitment, activities, and infrastructure. It is ranked in 'NTU by Subject (2019)'. Bachelor of Arts [B.A]|Bachelor of Engineering [B.Eng]|Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B]|Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]|, Master|Master of Arts [M.A]|Master of Laws [L.L.M]|Master of Research [M.Res]|Master of Science [M.Sc]|, American Studies*161577| Ancient History and Classical Archaeology (BA/Diploma/Certificate)*161578| Archaeology (BA/Diploma/Certificate)*161579| Biological Sciences*161580| Chemistry*161581| Contemporary History*161582| Criminology*161583| Economics*161584| English*161585| European Studies*161586| Film Studies and the Visual Arts*161587| French and Italian*161588| French and Spanish*161589| Geography*161590| History*161591| Human Geography*161592| International Relations*161593| Italian and Spanish*161594| Management Studies*161595| Media and Communication*161596| Modern Language Studies*161597| Politics*161598| Sociology*161599|, Law*161601| Law and Criminology*161602|, Applied Psychology*161603| Computer Science*161604| Geology*161605| Human Resource Management (DipHE, CertHE)*161606| Mathematics*161607| Medical Biochemistry*161608| Pharmaceutical Chemistry*161609| Physics*161610| Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience*161611|, Archaeology and Ancient History*161612| Education*161613| Law*161614| Media and Communication*161615| Politics and International Relations*161616| Sociology*161617|, Applied Health Research*161618| Engineering Management*161619| History*161620|, Applied Linguistics and TESOL*161621| Archaeology*161622| Art Museum and Gallery Studies*161623| Creative Writing*161624| Digital Media and Society*161625| English Language and Linguistics*161626| English Local History and Family History*161627| English Studies*161628| Film and Film Cultures*161629| History*161630| International Education (Distance learning)*161631| International Education (with Specialist Routes)*161632| Media and Advertising*161633| Media and Public Relations*161634| Media and Public Relations (Distance learning)*161635| Media, Culture and Society*161636| Media, Gender and Social Justice*161637| Medical Statistics*161638| Modern Literature (and Creative Writing)*161639| Museum Studies*161640| Museum Studies (Distance Learning)*161641| TESOL*161642| The Graeco-Roman World*161643| Translation Studies*161644| Urban Conservation*161645| Urban History*161646| Victorian Studies*161647|, International Commercial Law*161648| Master of Law*161649| Public International Law*161650|, Research Methods in Animal Behaviour*161651| Research Methods in Neuroscience*161652|, Accounting and Finance*161653| Actuarial Science*161654| Advanced Computational Methods*161655| Advanced Computer Science*161656| Advanced Distributed Systems*161657| Advanced Electrical and Electronic Engineering*161658| Advanced Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Management*161659| Advanced Mechanical Engineering*161660| Advanced Mechanical Engineering with Management*161661| Advanced Software Engineering*161662| Advanced Software Engineering (Distance Learning)*161663| Agile Software Engineering Techniques*161664| Applied Computation and Numerical Modelling*161665| Banking and International Finance*161666| Bioinformatics*161667| Bioinformatics and Molecular Genetics*161668| Business Analysis and Finance*161669| Cancer Cell and Molecular Biology*161670| Cancer Molecular Pathology and Therapeutics*161671| Chemical Research (Biological Chemistry)*161672| Chemical Research (Green Chemistry)*161673| Chemical Research (Physical Chemistry)*161674| Chronic Disease and Immunity*161675| Cloud Computing*161676| Crime, Justice and Psychology*161677| Criminology*161678| Criminology in Practice*161679| Data Analysis for Business Intelligence*161680| Diabetes*161681| Economics*161682| Educational Leadership*161683| Embedded Systems and Control Engineering*161684| Entrepreneurship*161685| Finance*161686| Financial Economics*161687| Financial Mathematics and Computation*161688| Financial Risk Management*161689| Geographical Information Systems*161690| Healthcare Management*161691| Human Resource Management and Training*161692| Human Technology Interaction*161693| Infection and Immunity*161694| Information and Communications Engineering*161695| Innovation Management in Organisations*161696| International Management*161697| International Marketing*161698| Management*161699| Management, Finance and Accounting*161700| Management, Finance and Accounting*161701| Marketing*161702| Marketing (Distance learning)*161703| Marketing for Places and Tourism*161704| Marketing for the Creative Industries*161705| Molecular Genetics*161706| Post Mortem Radiology for Natural and Forensic Death Investigation*161707| Quality and Safety in Healthcare*161708| Social Research*161709| Software Engineering for Financial Services*161710| Software Engineering for Financial Services*161711| Space Exploration Systems*161712| Web Applications and Services*161713|, International Foundation Year in Economics and Management*161714| International Foundation Year in Engineering and Technology*161715| International Foundation Year in Science*161716| International Foundation Year in Society and Culture*161717| International Year One in Management Studies*161718|, Leicesters new Market Development and Surrounding areas, By submitting this form, you accept and agree to our, Master of Science [M.Sc] Advanced Computational Methods, Master of Science [M.Sc] Advanced Computer Science, Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Computer Science, Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Media and Communication, Master of Science [M.Sc] Applied Computation and Numerical Modelling, Master of Science [M.Sc] Data Analysis for Business Intelligence, Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Human Resource Management (DipHE, CertHE), Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Management Studies, Bachelor of Arts [B.A] International Relations, Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Politics and International Relations, Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience, Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Applied Psychology, Bachelor of Engineering [B.Eng] Engineering, Master of Science [M.Sc] Financial Economics, Pre-Bachelor International Foundation Year in Economics and Management, Master of Science [M.Sc] Software Engineering for Financial Services, Software Engineering for Financial Services, Advanced Software Engineering (Distance Learning), Master of Science [M.Sc] Advanced Mechanical Engineering with Management, Master of Science [M.Sc] Advanced Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Management, Advanced Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Medical Biochemistry, Master of Science [M.Sc] Financial Risk Management, Master of Science [M.Sc] Human Resource Management and Training, Master of Science [M.Sc] Innovation Management in Organisations, Master of Science [M.Sc] International Marketing, Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Contemporary History, Ancient History and Classical Archaeology (BA/Diploma/Certificate), Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Ancient History and Classical Archaeology (BA/Diploma/Certificate), Master of Science [M.Sc] Accounting and Finance, Master of Science [M.Sc] Banking and International Finance, Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Film Studies and the Visual Arts, Master of Arts [M.A] English Language and Linguistics, Master of Arts [M.A] Art Museum and Gallery Studies, Master of Arts [M.A] Applied Linguistics and TESOL, Master of Science [M.Sc] Marketing for Places and Tourism, Master of Science [M.Sc] Marketing (Distance learning), Master of Science [M.Sc] Marketing for the Creative Industries, Master of Science [M.Sc] Financial Mathematics and Computation, Master of Science [M.Sc] Actuarial Science, Master of Science [M.Sc] Crime, Justice and Psychology, Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Master of Science [M.Sc] Advanced Distributed Systems, Master of Science [M.Sc] Human Technology Interaction, Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B] Law and Criminology, Master of Laws [L.L.M] Public International Law, Master of Science [M.Sc] Criminology in Practice, Master of Science [M.Sc] Management, Finance and Accounting, Master of Science [M.Sc] Advanced Mechanical Engineering, Advanced Mechanical Engineering with Management, Master of Science [M.Sc] Post Mortem Radiology for Natural and Forensic Death Investigation, Master of Science [M.Sc] Advanced Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Advanced Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Management, Master of Science [M.Sc] Infection and Immunity, Master of Science [M.Sc] Quality and Safety in Healthcare, Master of Science [M.Sc] Healthcare Management, Master of Science [M.Sc] Chemical Research (Biological Chemistry), Master of Science [M.Sc] Chemical Research (Green Chemistry), Master of Science [M.Sc] Chemical Research (Physical Chemistry), Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Biological Sciences, Master of Science [M.Sc] Molecular Genetics, Master of Research [M.Res] Research Methods in Neuroscience, Master of Science [M.Sc] Chronic Disease and Immunity, Master of Science [M.Sc] Cancer Cell and Molecular Biology, Master of Science [M.Sc] Geographical Information Systems, Queen Mary, University of London , London, Athena SWAN Award/ Stonewall Diversity Champion/ Coeliac UK, 17 (listening); 18 (reading); 20 (speaking); 17 (writing), 4,000 GBP (for undergraduates) 3,000 GBP (for graduates), College of Science and Engineering Undergraduate/ Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme, Must be an international undergraduate student applying for program in School of Business, 2,000 GBP (for undergraduates) 3,000 GBP (for graduates), Must be an international student who is the relative of graduate from the University of Leicester, 21st in Impact Rankings 2020 by Times Higher Education, 51 – 75th in European Teaching Rankings 2019 by Times Higher Education, 166th in World University Rankings 2020 by Times Higher Education, 242nd in QS Global World Ranking by QS World University Rankings 2021, 235th in Best Global Universities ranking 2020 by U.S. News and Report, 26th in Best Global Universities in the United Kingdom by U.S. News and Report 2020. The school is presently undergoing a 300 million GBP campus redevelopment program. I enjoy them. It is ranked in 'The Times Good University Guide'. Veena Chaudhary, Batch : 2020, CURRENT STUDENT, The MSc in Data Analysis for Business Intelligence will prepare us to work with data in the business environment, using mathematical, statistical, and computational skills including data mining and practical database coding skills. University of Leicester is ranked amongst the top 20 universities in the UK by the UK Good University Guide, Sunday Times University Guide and Guardian University Guide. We keep this section up to date with new statistics and data as they become available. Share your view. But that's in every course. See rankings of all universities in Leicester. The Career Development Service of the institution ensures that graduates get all the necessary support to help them land a better job. Then just before Freshers, I chose a random university and then a random course. The steps to be followed while applying for admission to the University of Leicester are as follows: Application Portal: UG applicants – UCAS portal; PG applicants - School Application Portal. University of Leicester is in the top 2% of universities in the world, ranking 22nd in the United Kingdom and 314th globally. University of Leicester ranks for Arts Visual & Performing #1 among universities in Leicester and #2 among universities in England UK. University of Leicester ranks #22 in England UK in our meta ranking of 78 university rankings. UNIVERSITY OF LEICESTER - [LE], LEICESTER, ENGLAND. Staff and students collaborate to create, share and apply knowledge to change the world. The course curriculum gives a good range of topics that can be covered by physics. From space science to Electricity and Magnetism it gives everyone an opportunity to find which topic they enjoy and excels at, which can then help choose future research or potential jobs. Leicester has expertise in medicine, science, technology, business, law, culture, history, and social science. Out of all three universities I applied for, this was the one I desperately wanted to study at. Top Ranking UK Universities 2021 Learn more about the highest ranking universities in the UK, in accordance with the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2021 . Completed the standard XII by the ICSE/CBSE, or another recognized state exam board, with at least 75% overall or higher depending on the course. It is ranked in 'NTU by Subject (2019)'. The University of Leicester came in third in the region, and 37th nationally, up four places from the year before. The minimum test scores required are: The estimated fee payable by international students for the 2020/2021 academic session is presented on the table below: Note: The above-listed fees are just estimated as the actual amount may be lower or higher than what is listed above. No need to remember deadlines as I get timely updates now. Therefore, candidates are advised to check the minimum language scores required for the choice of program. European Teaching Rankings 2019. It is ranked in 'NTU by field'. 21 st. Impact Rankings 2020. We use cookies to ensure the best user experience and to serve tailored advertising.