Lead discussions. I don't own Illustrator so I do my vector work all in Flash, and so, these instructions reflect that. If you want true vector drawings (infinitely scalable) I would recommend Illustrator, plus it's still an Adobe program so it works vary similar to this tutorial. Alright, so, we need an image to start with. webmaster : contact us : privacy policy : cookie policy : © Copyright 2020 IDG Communications Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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In this tutorial you will learn how to create a vector T-shirt mockup template using the Mesh Tool and how to recolor it in Adobe Illustrator! When you want to add a second drip, click and THEN press shift, if you press shift and then click Photoshop will connect your previous line with the one you are about to draw. Its 99% up to you and your ability, creativity and inspiration to make what you want. Hit 'ok' With the rifle now selected for you, cut and paste it into any sized document you want. Export your image as a png, with a TRANSPARENT background, no fill whatsoever, and open that image in Photoshop. (Actually my vinyl cutter is really a scratchboard cutter at the moment, but thats by the bye...) It might not be a bad idea to add some info to this about how to convert the final image to SVG with something like GNU Autotrace and Inkscape. To do this, create a layer at the bottom of all the other layers, I added a background layer and applied a gradient to it, if you have done the same, don't put this new layer behind the background layer. This tutorial shows you how to simply create vector style illustrations and use the Burn Tool to add a bit of depth, softness, and interest to the illustration. Let's get started! Mockups (Resources, PSDs, Generators and More! Vector art is a style. Specifically their unique attributes and file types, and how they are best used in different design projects.

on Introduction, While this is a well done tutorial and cool craft this is not vector art. 10 years ago Alright, so we're going to switch into Flash.... err... Illustrator if you've got it.

In the following steps, you will learn how to make a triangle in Adobe Illustrator using three different methods. Some flash stuff is vectored and some Photoshop stuff is (vector drawing tools) however all Illustrator stuff is. In this tutorial we will compare vector art and raster art. Create bold vector elements and composite them into photos to create a fun fashion photomontage. In this tutorial you will learn how to create realistic vector fire, using the Gradient Mesh Tool and Screen Blending mode. In the video gane world there have been wars over whether a raster emulated video game such as Battlezone is still a vector game :-) However for me this was a disappointment because I was looking for vector art that I could send to a vinyl cutter as vectors! Save your image at full size, AS A PNG. Create a new layer under all the others. Go to tutorial Make a triangle then select it and press the new brush button, select art brush and then change the settings so that it works the way you want it. 9 years ago How to Create Groovy Vector Art: This tutorial is brought to you my good friend at february-stars.com I thought I'd share this crash course in creating amazingly hot vector artwork.

Get access to over one million creative assets on Envato Elements. This is the second part of a series of tutorials I'm doing about creating isometric illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. In this last image you can see that I rotated the stars so that they fit the curve. How to make a colourful icon pack. Design templates, stock videos, photos & audio, and much more. I used these brush settings: By now, you must be getting the hang of it, add whatever you feel it needs, but add whatever you are to a new layer. Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Also, to make the tentacles appear to overlap, you can do this; create two tentacles, duplicate the bottom layer tentacle, make the duplicate the top layer and from the top layer move the parts of the tentacle that are near the second tentacle such that one appears to go beneath the other. If you expand a vector to any size, you have the same level of sharpness you had before. 13 years ago Browse the latest Adobe Illustrator tutorials, video tutorials, hands-on projects, and more. We are going to be fiddling with the colour in Photoshop to make it glow, and it makes the colours you use brighter, so don't worry if they look sort of lame at this point. How did you make the transition look so smooth? Collaborate. Learn how to create a realistic smoky texture, make it into a smoke vector brush, and use it for type. Example: Number one shows the chunk I have selected, and number two shows the section pasted in the layer beneath everything. Use Illustrator to draw a biker-style graphic using vector shapes. Note: Depending on your image, (If you are using the same one I'm using) You may have to do other things to get the basic shape of your image. Now, we don't really want any of the details of the rifle... just the basic shape, so using Photoshop, open the image and go to Brightness/Contrast and set the contrast to 70%. High level of confidence using Flash and Photoshop CS Problems: jamieroy[at]hotmail.com Alright, well, lets get down to business. Jeremy Bowman explores a variety of wonderful ways you can add texture to your vector work. But for this image it was surprisingly easy. Share ideas. If I were to make that, I would use black, white, lime green, and grey. You didn't touch a vector program.

Add a dynamic retro twist to photos with gradients, Layer Styles, drop shadows, glows and more. Do this for everything, I made it so that there is a lot of interaction with the rifles, its up to you.

To create the guns and other difficult shapes, you can simply trace them and I would recommend turning your layer's Fill option to 0% so that you are able to see what you're tracing. Use Adobe Illustrator to create a charming vector map that's stuffed with famous features and animals. 8 years ago Alright, well, as you may have noticed, this tutorial is pretty much a walk through of the tools and techniques I use when making something like this. Adobe Illustrator tutorial: Create awesome vector skull art. on Introduction. www.february-stars.com fasterthanlight.devinatart.com I hope you enjoyed the tutorial made by "fasterthanlight" hopefully there will be more to come. Illustrator Eelco van den Berg explains the secrets of vectorising photos in this easy step-by-step guide. I am using Illustrator by the way. A lot of people have been asking me to write a tutorial on how to make crazy vector artwork. Hone your character design skills with this Illustrator vector art tutorial from onesidezero.

Peace www.darkmotion.com, Participated in the The Instructables Book Contest. It's really messy looking. Simple Flying Toilet Paper Ghost Decoration, 2 X DIY Easy Pumpkins | How to Sew Pumpkin Pillow Ornaments.

Doesn't flash create scalable vector files as standard...or am i being naive? I would imagine the processes I use in Flash are relatively the same in Illustrator. Now, lets make some clouds. Hydro74 shows you how to create a killer skull-based artwork using a photo as a starting point in Adobe Illustrator.

Go to tutorial; In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, Sharon Milne shows you how to create a striking portrait using a stock image, in only one colour. Create a new layer and lock the first layer, and grab the line tool and make a zig zag pattern like so: Using the arrow tool, push and pull the centers of each section of the line to make a wave like so: It takes a lot of practice to get the flow right... so don't give up.

It’s easy to upload vector images to the Adobe Stock Contributor program. on Introduction, I kind of agree but I see where OhSnapZ0rz is coming from. For example, green does not look good with blue, blue looks much better with red. The addition of better vector tools to Photoshop CS6 makes creating and editing graphic elements easier and quicker. Learn how to make a brush in Illustrator using three simple shapes and create beautiful, natural-looking vector grass.

Add any other bits and pieces you want, I added some stars, and to do that, take a look at the picture below, set something similar up to it and then position it in the bottom left corner and drag stars to the tips of the lines. Reply Enjoy!