video beginning: cat attacks another (dominance, violence in the animal kingdom) song: "Seether", This song is more than likely about a woman's alter ego and whoever wrote the lyrics is a genius. I tried to calm her down Instead, women tend to be angry for long periods of time, seething. "Seether" was more pop-sounding compared to the rest of the band's material. Psychologists have found that women on average experience more anger than men, but it is socially unacceptable for women to express their rage. I seem to remember hearing that the song was actually about the "confused" dog belonging to one of the band members,but lyrically it does not lend much to that. How does he know where to land at night? Conclusion: girls need to blow off steam once in a while, to release instinctual behaviors of aggression, sex, of other animal instincts... (motherhood). till I'm foaming at the mouth: when anger takes over (looking in the mirror) Lyrics to 'Seether' by Veruca Salt. Does the supernatural exist? Get your answers by asking now. That evil monster that takes over our brain about once a month. By the way, Veruca Salt was the little loudmouth brat in Willy Wonka. })(); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); HERE IS MY ANALYSIS: By the way, Veruca Salt … so forth and so on, The grass is orange and the sun didn't shine this morning... The song "Volcano Girls," does include the line, "The Seether's Louise," however, this could be in jest. I tried to cram her back in my mouth, yeah

In a 1994 interview with Much Music, an interviewer suggested that "Seether" could either be about female "animalistic instincts" or bouts of rage.Gordon agreed that her songs' meanings often changed during and after the writing process. var opts = { artist: "Veruca Salt",

General Commenti love this song and i am a girl musician and this is the first veruca salt song i heard, and its m favorite. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. But I know how to conceive her I try to calm her down. I can't see her till I'm foaming at the mouth

Keep her down, boiling water Seether Lyrics: Ow!

Oh, she may not look like other girls The alter ego isn't 'loose nor tight, black nor white, big nor small, but she is at the center of it all.' but it is socially unacceptable for women to express their rage. / Seether is neither loose nor tight / Seether is neither black nor white / I tried to keep her on a short leash / I tried to calm her down / I tried to ram her into the ground snarl tooth seether: sign of aggression and dominance in canines As with most rock songs, speculation ensued among fans as to the meaning of the lyrics, particularly over exactly to whom the song's character of "the Seether" refers.

Background. It's about the cat in the video. Can't fight the seether Seether is neither loose nor tight. Odysseus movie was propaganda for Paganism as Poseidon said: "without gods you can do nothing", but Psalm says that Pagan deities = demons.? cant't fight it: it comes out once in a while I try to keep her on a short leash., I try to calm her down: repressed anger or violence Can't fight the seether

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Can't fight the seether

She considered her temper to be a different person from herself, called the Seether.

lovely daughter, not born like other girls: female behaviour considered marginal I can't see her till I'm foaming at the mouth I can't see her till I'm foaming at the mouth

The first two lines tell us about the alter ego, since the third line talks about keeping her on a short leash, its about a dog (not a cat) the inner female dog, or the alter ego that needs to be calmed down.

All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. adunit_id: 100001411, Can't fight the seether I tried to ram her into the ground, yeah Can't fight the seether [x3] I can't see her till I'm foaming at the mouth. But she's a snarl-toothed seether, seether! As with all great songs, interpretation is up to the listener, and everyone can vicariously interpret it how ever it makes sense to them. Keep her down, what a lovely daughter The song was written by Veruca Salt singer-guitarist Nina Gordon. Also, a dog foams at the mouth (not a cat) but she can't see the alter ego coming out until she has been 'foaming at the mouth.'

I tried to keep her on a short leash, I tried to calm her down. I tried to ram her into the ground, yeah. Can't fight the seether It’s about a woman’s vagina. Is this a real ghost? Seether ✌. So the alter ego is a woman's defense mechanism, like a dog that is a fear biter, and the woman doesn't even recognize the alter ego until she goes crazy and wrecks havoc. It has been said that it's more about a woman's anger, the kind of anger 'a woman is not supposed to show.'" Oh, she is not born like other girls Lines in the second verse follow the same pattern, the first two talk about the alter ego, the second two talk about trying to control the alter ego.

Veruca Salt American Thighs Seether Ow! Simply put, Seether is about anger, a seething anger, hence the name.

I just saw a commercial where Casper the ghost is eating. is this information correct about the balrog in lord of the rings? Can't fight the seether The song Seether is about an Uncontrollable Pussy, Lust, Sex, Horny, wild Cats, lots and lots of cats...Ect.

Seether is neither big nor small. I try to ram her into the ground, yeah. According to an unofficial Veruca Salt FAQ (, "Nina Gordon wrote Seether after having a discussion with someone and disagreeing so violently that she wanted to bash her face in. Does Ghosts wear clothes?


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Can't fight the seether

they keep pannning to the cat when she's describing what seether is and isn't.... Seether is a slang term for the lesbian equivalent of a "skirt chasing" male. I COULD NOT SEE HIS FOOD GOING DOWN!!!! I tried to rock her in my cradle Can't fight the seether It's an internal angst thing. the center of it all: animal beast inside humans I tried to ram her into the ground, yeah. Seether is a slang term for the lesbian equivalent of a "skirt chasing" male. Song meanings ©2003-2020

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