Wallace: [laughs] The old BV6000, ma’am. No. Were-Rabbit: Ohh! The round-headed boy looked seriously at the place. Lady Tottington: So modest. [the statue falls on the ground, Philip growls] And I’m afraid you’ve given me no option but to let Victor shoot the poor thing. Reverend Hedges: Mercy! Well, I’m very sorry, Mrs. Mulch.

[The van goes to a bumpy area] And slow down for pity’s sake. Victor: [takes the Golden Carrot off] Yes. A few moments after the creature passes by it, smacking its lips again, it turns its head to the camera and its eyes start blinking red, The camera fades to a portrait of Mrs. Mulch, whose eyes are blinking. [Victor looks to see Wallace transforming into a teeth of the Were-Rabbit] He opens it and his eyes widen when he sees the fridge, and a bowl inside it, empty. Lady Tottington: My word! [moves his finger over his neck to Gromit] A door opens. He signals Gromit. [Victor falls on top of the van, opening a door wearing the big female rabbit as if it were a mascot costume]

A man.

Just one left. Victor: Heard you had a spot of rabbit bother. Lady Tottington: Victor. Lady Tottington: Gosh! [puts the rabbit in a cage] We’ll call him Hutch, shall we? Wallace: Ooh! And not a single one harmed. Heh, heh. Victor: I need it, my sweet. Lady Tottington: Victor, hadn’t we agreed? Come to Uncle Victor. Windfall: Here we go. Mr. The camera pans to a kettle boiling with steam shooting out, spinning a wheel, making a mechanical arm push up Gromit’s bed multiple times. PC Mackintosh: Hey! Wallace: Look at me go! [Gromit puts the newspaper down] Ah! Crush ‘em? [gives the golden carrot to Gromit] We’ve all got a lot to thank you for. Toot!)

[camera pulls back, revealing that he is talking about his vegetables] In fact, let them grow bigger and stronger than anyone else’s, so the first prize might be mine! I need a good hearty breakfast under me belt. Mrs. Mulch: Oh! [closing the door]. Lady Tottington: Now, let’s see. [Gromit taps on the newspaper, then pointing at Wallace] It's a problem to decide. Wallace: His hoss, Lady Tottington. We take check or cash. Wallace throws the hammer at a nail on the gate and turns it. [the gun shoots at the van, with Hutch in the van, then the Were-Rabbit comes out] [Victor arrives at the door, shooting a gun] Lady Tottington: Help me, someone! [laughs] [gasps as the light on the truck turns on] [to Gromit] Or can you? [thunder] Reverend Hedges: [offscreen, praying] Protect and nourish the frail and the weak, O Lord. Reverend Hedges: [opening a window] Do you want to confess? Tails: Ahhh! Victor: [looking at a magazine saying, "Nun Wrestling: Big Bad Hits! Lady Tottington: Why, you knew it was Wallace all along. Budget.

[the feet grow into Were-Rabbit’s feet] He’s never shown any interest in my produce. Hutch: Cracking toast, Gromit. It worked, Gromit! Wallace: Mmm. Grand Day Out With Wallace And Gromit, A Nick Park 1989 [peppy orchestral music] # # [clock chiming] - Eee, these bank holidays. - Who is it? (chuckles; goes in) ♪He sends the snow in the winter…♪ Transcripts Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. - Tell you what, Wallace: Get it off! Reverend Hedges: Bless you, Anti-Pesto! [doorbell rings] Ah, that’s more like it. [cut to Gromit climbing up a ladder, then crawling to the greenhouse, looking at the big marrow] Lewis: Hoo boy.

Reverend Hedges: On with the show!

I say we give Anti-Pesto a second chance. Wallace: Everything’s under control!

Reverend Hedges: No. [cuts to him] Let them grow big and strong under Thy loving care. Victor: A bull… [thunder strikes, Victor closes the window] What kind of bullet? Wallace: I suppose I have. Help me! [laughs] Rabbit rehabilitation. He rolls to PC Mackintosh] Or ears like terrible tombstones? [cut to Mr. Mulch, holding a pipe in his mouth, looking at a big rabbit, then putting a watering can in his mouth] Wallace: [gets smashed] Ow! Lady Tottington: Gosh, how exciting. Reverend Hedges: They don’t come cheap, you know.

There’s no mercy with Victor Quartermaine. [Gromit opens the door and looks back at the greenhouse before going inside the house. Sweet dreams, old chum. Lady Tottington: "Our" manor house? [Gromit looks at the rabbits, twitching while looking] Hutch: The bounce is gone from his bungee. Keep still... Rabbit: [whimpering. [thunder strikes] Lady Tottington: Ah, yes. Mr. Caliche: It’s not safe to bring our vegetables here.

PC Mackintosh: That’s enough! Reverend Hedges: My poor sensitive child.

[offscreen] Their tiny bunny brains are being saturated in my veg-free mind waves. I don’t wanna be a giant rabbit! Reverend Hedges: Beware the moon! [Gromit continues riding the plane again] Brilliant. Emergency. Miss Thripp: Please, sir, kiss my baby. Lady Tottington: Run, rabbit, run! It’s the least a chap could do for his filly. [pushing a feet lever] And it goes all the way to heaven. PC Mackintosh: Look, [takes the hat off, showing a bald head] This flippin’ vegetable competition causes nothin’ but trouble every year. [Gromit grabs a monkey wrench and breaks the Mind Manipulation-omatic. [Gromit snaps, and cuts to the basement, in which a door opens] £11,000. Man: It’s coming for us! No, no, no!

All right. [From the Were-Rabbit’s POV, it goes into the church.] (the dogs continue riding on both planes til Phillip’s plane hits Gromit’s plane, then flying off a ramp.) Stupid interfering mutt. [cut to a van with a paper of Lady Tottington, saying, "Good Luck Boys"] Wallace: Tell you what, Gromit, lad.

Wallace: Shoot it? Wallace: But if I can’t fix it… Wallace: It’s lucky for us her Ladyship was so understanding. [Gromit pulls a switch, sending Victor up with his head in the nozzle.] Oh ho-ho! Lady Tottington: Guns will not be necessary, thank you, Victor. But a mortal creature of flesh and blood.

Mr.? Miss Thripp: We’re simple folk. Mrs. Girdling: Put her down, you great ugly brute! "A Grand Day Out" "with Wallace and Gromit" One night, in the living room of a quaint living house, sat a bald man in a chair.

Queensberry rules! [grunts as he gets the rabbit off his head; breathes] Quick. [Gromit puts the rope on the marrow, then cut back to the carnival] Victor: Heard you had a spot of rabbit bother and toodled straight on over to sort the little blighters out.

Man: What? The camera pans down to a bunch of rabbits cowering in fear at Hutch’s hutch shaking.

[the big rabbit slams on a wall, sending Gromit up to the ceiling, then the van stops, then getting out of the van] (Gromit pets the Were-Rabbit, then the rabbits open the doors, then the mind waves from earlier in the movie are being transformed back into Wallace.) It's my turn for br... 1 (turns around) Hello? Eee! [kicks the tank] Liquidize ‘em? Wallace: Oh, uh, trade secret. Victor: [pointing his gun down into the hole] I don’t understand. The organ noises were mostly made by the wind blowing Do something. [grunts as he gets the rabbit off his head; breathes] Quick. Wallace: What? Oh, no.