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And while the concept of “wine in can” has previously been relegated to the level of “wine cooler,” the fact is, prominent winemakers are making very good wine and putting it in cans—and with good reason: the cans are lightweight, cheap, recyclable, and well-suited for wines that are not meant to age. Now I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where real wine professionals go to become wine gods, and writers, such as myself, go to raise the bar of wine journalism from our bully pulpits. Canned wines are being produced all over the world, and the category is growing tremendously. The fact that it was coming from an aluminum can didn't seem to change or dull the flavor at all, which is key with such a bold wine. Sofia is critical to this list because Coppola was an early adopter of the wine-in-a-can packaging option, having first introduced Sofia in 2004. $20.79 $ 20. Drinking wine in a can won’t make you the president, or even qualify you to run for president, but it sure will make you feel like a boss. Relevance A to Z Z to A $ Low to High $ High to Low Special New Award Winners (1 … A photo posted by Phoebe Angle (@phoebeanglecomedy) on Sep 15, 2015 at 2:31pm PDT, Grapes: Available in pinot noir, pinot gris, and rosé Each can is almost two servings, so you're set if you're a red-wine lover and headed out for the day, or looking to enjoy a drink with a date. and found nine that are totally worth adding to your summer rotation. 4.5 out of 5 stars 13. Price: $15 four-pack The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. You can also find these in tall boys, meaning you get 16-ounce cans. You can also buy this in a four pack for $30. 79. One even felt they would "crack one of these cans open after a long day of work.". House Wine brings great wine, at a … Sold as a carbonated Merlot, testers liked that this wine was a little more dry and tasted "like a bottled wine." Testers found this pink drink to be "light, clean, crisp, and fruity." Absolutely. The label design featuring a chimp was crafted by Zach Larmer, a Grammy-winning indie album cover artist. And what does a blue-collar wine in a can taste like? Show some love for Oregon and great wine. Of course, with that weather comes the desire to drink outside, whether it's after work or over the weekend. According to the Mayo Clinic, "Red wine, in moderation, has long been thought of as heart-healthy. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. That’s right. Website: (Bonus: It comes with a straw!) SELF does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You can also buy them individually.
5 Canned Wines That Surprisingly Don't Suck. Canned wines are aimed at two markets: people looking to drink on the move (on trains or at festivals, for example), and people drinking the contents as you would a normal bottle of wine, but who only want a glass or two. So, when you’re swallowing this guy’s uber-crushable Fiction, just picture Andrew, standing in front of a grapevine, imagining all the ways he’s going to pick those grapes; crushing their delicate skins, extracting the life blood of their pulpy bodies, only to let it ferment and turn into liquid intoxication—soon to be canned for your imbibing pleasure. It's the same as wine in a bottle, just in a can. Website: Most scientific and medical research has found that there are certain benefits to moderate, responsible consumption of red wine. Canned wines are often light, fresh, and fruity. 2020 Complex Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. We'd recommend this for any clam bakes or shrimp boils you have planned this summer. The weather is finally starting to get to that perfect temperature where you still don't have to use your air conditioner at night, but you can sit outside all day long in a tank top and jeans. Expand undefined. FIRST WE FEAST participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means FIRST WE FEAST gets paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. They’re typically lower in alcohol, some have a touch of residual sugar, and many are a bit fizzy. You can find excellent canned wines from an increasingly diverse and wide-ranging list of wine-producing countries around the world. Jones’ bio presents him as an affable farmer who was born to tend vines and has “stood in just about every vineyard on the Central Coast.” That’s a lot of standing, Andrew! Champagne in a can, Prosecco in a can, and other sparkling wine in a can are also available. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by … It’s refreshing and perfect for picnics, and might even jazz up that one nightly cigarette you have on your Juliet balcony, shaking your head at “all the hipsters” down below. Canned wine is made just like all wine. It depends on the size of the can. Actually, I do know, because it’s my job to know. Any links between red wine and fewer heart attacks aren't entirely understood. As you can … Testers "loved the taste and the sweetness," even going as far as to say that it would be "nice as a dessert sparkling wine." Ad Choices, 9 Canned Wines That Are Actually Worth Drinking.

It's "super drinkable, bubbly, and smells like grapefruit." In general, however, you're likely to see three different sizes of canned wine: 375ml, which is approximately two-and-a-half glasses or a half bottle's worth; 250ml, or two glasses; and 187ml, which is more or less a single glass. Website: But for storage, as long as you plan on enjoying a wine in the short term (for example, within a few months), there's no need to store them in the fridge. 25 product s. Clear filter s. Sort by: selected, activate for more options. Corey Beck does. Sign up today. The last time I got drunk on this wine, I was living in Los Angeles and it was hot as hell. A photo posted by J O E L D I X O N (@joeldixon) on Aug 22, 2015 at 1:12pm PDT, Grapes: Available in pinot noir and grenache rosé And before long, you’ll be on your pedestal, shouting: “You’re fired!” But first, let’s get you lit up with these five-kick ass wines in a can. We have big plans for the future which we are now free to pursue. We're into it. One tester also really like the "full bodied" taste of this one.

Unlike full bottles of wine, which in the United States contain a standard 750ml of liquid, cans come in multiple sizes. White wine is generally served chilled, and many light-bodied red wines benefit from 10 to 15 minutes in the refrigerator before serving. Donald Trump is running for president, and while there was a time when those headlines seemed implausible, here’s another headline you can check off the “never thought I’d live see that” list: Consumers Who Scoff At Canned Wines Are Missing Out. I love this wine because it’s the same size of a classic can of beer or soda, and what most people don’t realize is that the classic can is 375ml—which is exactly half a bottle of wine. So if you crush two cans before the first quarter of the game is over, you’ll be the life of the party (or asleep).

It’s Sofia, by Francis Ford Coppola, which we just discussed. Tasters loved this medium-bodied red because of how sweet it was. Size: 375ml

Browse our full selection of canned wine … Free shipping on orders of $35+ or same-day pick-up in store. One of our only white wine picks, this light spritzer is a blend of Chenin Blanc and Riesling. A standard 750ml bottle of wine contains the equivalent of two 375ml cans, three 250ml cans, or around four 187ml cans. House wine cans, Barefoot wine cans, Cupcake wine cans, Underwood wine can, Babe wine cans, Eufloria wine, and Nomadica wine are just a few of the most popular canned wine brands. It was juicy and fruit-driven, all strawberries and dark cherries, but there was earth and mineral, and there was complexity (and there went an entire half bottle in just a few fine gulps).
The wine is fresh and zesty, redolent of ripe pear and tropical fruit notes. Turns out, canned wine can be a saving grace at the beach, a concert, a tailgate, or pretty much anywhere you would typically grab a can of beer. Wine In A Can. For us, red wines came out on top, but there were a few standout rosés and whites, too. It’s named after Francis Ford Coppola’s daughter, but Francis doesn’t make this wine. Price: $30 four-pack Champagne in a can, Prosecco in a can, and other sparkling wine in a can are also available. House wine cans, Barefoot wine cans, Cupcake wine cans, Underwood wine can, Babe wine cans, Eufloria wine, and Nomadica wine are just a few of the most popular canned wine brands. It had a "nice taste and aftertaste" and was super full-bodied. Size: 500ml Perfect for people-watching all afternoon on a porch (although maybe don't pound it?). He’s also ramping up production of his canned wines. Beck is a badass winemaker who was trekking through famous vineyards alongside his grandfather when Coppola was making Italian-Americans look like the mob bosses we all wish we were. But part of the benefit might be that antioxidants in red wine may increase levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol (the 'good' cholesterol) and protect against cholesterol buildup.". No one is putting Grand Cru Burgundy in cans (at least not yet). I recently picked up a single can of the Underwood pinot noir from Wholefoods, and people, let me tell you: It was tasty. A photo posted by Amanda Scicchitano (@monsterface123) on Jul 19, 2015 at 9:52am PDT, Grapes: Available in Blanc de Blancs sparkling (a blend of pinot blanc, riesling, and Muscat) The postie brought me a sample of the pale rosé to try, while a Sauvignon Blanc is also available. And before long, you’ll be on your pedestal, shouting: “You’re fired!” But first, let’s get you lit up with these five-kick ass wines in a can. These cans were a bit smaller than the other ones we tested, but our testers really liked the "light and fruity" taste, which comes from tart red cherries and boysenberries. Size: 500ml We're big fans of rosé—in everything from gummy bears to margaritas— so it's no surprise that this wine made the list . And perhaps most importantly, they are transforming picnic baskets around the world, providing a novel way for Ivy League elitists to get in on the fun of funneling. Spritzers are the new way to drink outdoors in summer—and you heard it here first! The design is so effective that I wonder if old Henry Ford himself isn’t thinking of coming back from the dead to get into the canned wine business. It's a surprising contrast to the other, mostly dry red wines on the list, and it's a "good summer drink" because of it's "light and tart taste." Filter products. The grenache rosé is all tropical fruit notes and the pinot is all dark red cherry and lofty spice—but not like Sporty Spice, of course; more like Posh Spice. Browse our full selection of canned wine online or check out our selection of highly-rated canned wine for a great new wine to try this week. We hereby give you the knowledge to drink great wine—and crush it too. Basically, there's something in here for everybody. Records & Rosé Cocktails. This canned wine is also produced by Andrew Jones of Field Recordings. Price: $20 four-pack SELF may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. Raise your Glass to Oregon. Any information published on this website or by this brand is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional. If this isn’t the most popular wine in a can out there, I don’t know what is.