/* TFP - lyricinterpretations */ The people who hide themselves behind a wall of illusion is about John who hated when people interpreted his work, so he created meaningless songs or his 'wall of illusion'. He also talks about someones effect on another and seeks why we do that and truly, theirs no reason. he learned to play sitar from Pt. Hence the popularity of Cocain and Crystal Meth. I could go on and on but if you think of every lyric in an lsd mindset it makes sence. Eventually over time people will see the band all as one before they do individually, so they must stay unified. This song describes a lot of the core philosophical principles of Indian spiritual philosophy, which went on to inspire many Asian religions and philosophies such as Hinduism and Buddhism. Within You Without You – piosenka zespołu The Beatles umieszczona na albumie Sgt. They describe what Indian philosophy describes as the roots of all human suffering and dissatisfaction: ignorance, desire, and obsession with material gains. The song follows the pitches of Khamaj thaat, the Indian equivalent of Mixolydian mode. The good news, however, is that you are not alone. The people who gain the world and lose their soul refers to Paul who began to sell out. Try to realize it's all within yourself (John) no one else (Yoko) can make you change, so he should value the band and his music over her. I think it is about the ways hindu beliefs translate into the Beatles. So if God is in his kingdom he is also waiting to be awakened inside of everyone. Narrowly Straight or Kiss the Sky, High on the Universe. You are not special, and if you die, the flow of life in the world will continue on just the same. Comments: 58. I'm in the same boat, people like that piss me off to no fucking end. Great song, very close to the truth indeed. life flows on within each person, and despite you're passing on (when you die), the life around you perseveres and continues to exist. he visited India for six weeks to study sitar under Shankar. Freedom from desire lies in acknowledging the connectedness of all living things in our world. When you acknowledge this interconnectedness between all human beings, you will learn to gain a love and appreciation for all life, and can carry yourselves with compassion for all living beings and freedom from all material desires. Unfortunately, many people follow this self-destructive path, and in the end die lonely, frustrated, and full of regrets. Furthermore, every line supports this on both levels. He knew much about God but never stopped seeking Him. Anyway, great song. Unfortunately, many people follow this self-destructive path, and in the end die lonely, frustrated, and full of regrets. And sooner or later, because they are nothing more than products of the material world, they will be gone, and because you put so much stock into them, you'll have nothing left, and will be miserable. If everyone changed and realized their true nature "we could save the world" from hate and destruction. The second parts of the verses, however, describe the solution to this dissatisfaction. They never find true peace and happiness until they "see beyond themselves". Neither of these Drugs were taken simply for Fun, Recreational purposes in 1960s. For this to happen, each individual needs to look inside and realize they're part of the whole and "life goes on within you and without you" The people that "gain the world and lose their soul" gave up their spiritual growth to material possessions and they can't see the truth of our spiritual oneness. "When you�ve seen beyond yourself - Then you may find peace of mind, is waiting there - And the time will come when you see we�re all one, And life flows on within you and without you.