Wonder Woman may not have the most famous rogue's gallery, but she has come face to face with some of DC's most powerful heroes. RELATED: Wonder Woman Shield: The Amazon's DCEU Weapon, Explained. For twenty years after that, writing and editing duties on the title fell to Robert Kanigher, whose take on the character was decidedly different. Well, yes the destructive action of these villains are unmatched and in this article, we are emphasising some of the strongest villain characters belongs to DC comics/ Wonder Woman.

The first has super strength, the second has reality altering abilities, and the third can control birds. (6.6), Veronica Cale is an imaginary and powerful supervillain appearing in DC Comics books, primarily as an enemy of Wonder Woman. Let us know in the comments! A fictional supervillain highly admired in DC comics because of his strong presence and role. His childhood made sure that he had an intense hatred towards females and this is what influences his villainous schemes. (6.5), Medusa is a very famous terminology belongs to Greek Mythology.

He's a master manipulator, and if all of that falls through, then he's pretty handy with his fists and a gun. Great power invites great competition, of course, and over the years the Amazonian has faced some of DC's toughest villains. As compared to the other Wonder woman’s villains, Medusa hasn’t been seen as frequently. However, it is quite interesting to know that wonder woman still considers Cheetah as a friend who gets lost in some other world rather than an enemy.

There have been a couple of different versions of the character, but Doctor Maru is the prominently featured one. He's intelligent and ruthless and has gained power the old fashioned way; through huge amounts of wealth. (6.8). Pretty unlikely. Though, we make no warranties, either express or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of the information. Wonder Woman 1984 est un film réalisé par Patty Jenkins avec Gal Gadot, Chris Pine. One such labor, narrated by Batman, finds Wonder Woman battling an animatronic duplicate of herself, which she subsequently traces back to "Dazzle Land;" a theme park run by world-famous cartoon producer "Uncle" Wade Dazzle- who just so happens to go about in a mouse-ears cap. Wonder Woman's creator, William Moulton Marston, died at 54 in 1947 - only five years after creating Wonder Woman. The entire "I Ching Era" is often cited by fans as a betrayal of the character's history and mythos (no less than Gloria Steinham was so outraged at the "disempowering" of comics' original feminist icon that she commissioned the now-iconic cover of Ms. Magazine featuring Wonder Woman back in her traditional uniform) but the villainous trio known as "Them!" However, unlike these other villains, Gunther doesn't have the extra edge to put herself at an advantage when fighting Wonder Woman.

Minerva suffers from a curse that must be satisfied. 1 Takes an Academic Approach to Monsters, Flash: 10 Things Every Fan Should Know About Reverse-Flash, Superman: 10 Alternate Versions Of The Man Of Steel Across The DC Animated Movies, Elongated, Plastic, Fantastic: Every Super-Bendy Superhero, Ranked, Superman: 10 Things To Know About The Newest Superboy, Jon Kent, X-Men: 5 Reasons Cyclops Is The Best Leader (& 5 Other Members Who Would Be Better Choices), 10 Marvel & DC Characters Batman Can't Beat Even With Prep Time, Marvel: 10 Most Powerful Inhumans That Should Join The MCU, DC: 10 Of The Coolest Batman Variants From The Dark Multiverse. She has even lived in Themyscira for a time. The surprisingly diverse world of centipede-themed supervillainy has taken on a decidedly nauseating image of late, but The Crimson Centipede hails from a more innocent (yet no less bizarre) age: A monster conjured by the Olympian God of War (and frequent Wonder Woman nemesis) Ares to give Diana a one-issue hard time in 1978, Crimson Centipede had eight arms and eight legs... arranged in two solid groupings, meaning he was constantly bent in half at the middle in such a way that makes him look oddly easy to throw off center. Only the original Silver Swan has actual wings, though, with the other two using artificial means to touch the clouds. By Bob Chipman Apr 03, 2016. Calf is certainly the most attractive part of the legs and these 10 famous women have the best calves in the world. 0. There are few warriors like him and he has been known in the past to best Diana on the battlefield. The Greek god of war is obviously a very dangerous foe. "Captain Wonder," who looks like Steve wearing a male variant on Wonder Woman's costume with all her powers and a drive to put his female counterpart back in her place. People enjoying watching the immense battle of Medusa with Wonder Woman as it is more than a thrilling adventure.

Watching and exploring more about your favourite Wonder Woman series is no less than a treat especially, its incredible villains' character. However, the first child of Zeus has no name, he's got a reputation for brutality that is almost unrivaled in Wonder Woman's rogues' gallery. Giganta is one of Wonder Woman's most infamous and powerful foes, having attempted to thwart the Amazonian across the history of DC comics. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Her mind is her most powerful asset, and she's been a threat to Diana and the people around her numerous times. A one-stop shop for all things video games. If for whatever reason you're mind happened to wander during Ant-Man and you found yourself thinking: "Y'know what might be fun? Doctor Poison is a longtime foe of Wonder Woman with heavy links to the Nazis.

Isn’t it WOW? In a 1982 story by Paul Levitz, "His Name Is Psycho," a renewed Doctor Psycho (see #10) uses his occult powers to conjure a new body for his consciousness - a body "borrowed" from the dark-fantasies of a then-unconscious Steve Trevor.

But while the Wonder Woman movie may have a movie star in the making in Gadot, a proven director in Jenkins and the built-in support of fans who've been waiting 75+ years to see it and new audiences energized by the heroine's turn in Dawn of Justice, there's one thing it might be lacking: A good villain. Villainy Inc. was founded in response to an Amazonian prison system, and consisted of Wonder Woman foes. Add new page. She is one of the strongest and longest-running enemies. Wracked with insecurity, she refuses to rejoin the Justice League unless she can prove herself worthy by undertaking 12 League-monitored (and Leaguer-narrated) adventures as part of a fondly-remembered story arc called "The Twelve Labors of Wonder Woman.". Comment. Veronica Cale was a bit uninspiring character during her first encounters with Wonder Woman but Veronica has been fully realized as a character during Rebirth. Most Popular Villains. He's also reportedly the villain of Wonder Woman's upcoming solo movie. Baroness Von Gunther also has ties to the Nazi regime but is a far more complex character. Her magic is infinite in its power, and she can even mess with the very fabric of nature, from reality bending spells to necromancy. He's almost unstoppable in his quest for war and has come face to face with Diana hundreds of times. He also possesses a number of superhuman abilities, though, mainly mind control which can make him dangerous both in and out of the boardroom.

(6.10). She is extremely intelligent and can concoct a variety of deadly poisons that can be unleashed upon her enemies. You are constantly snapped by the paparazzi and there is a media always who t... All information available from this website are referenced from the trusted & best known sources on the web. As it turns out, Dazzle Land's rides and attractions are sucking the life-force from attendees, and that's not all: The "Wade Dazzle" behind the scheme is actually himself a robot duplicate with a god complex, the original Uncle Wade having been secretly frozen (ha ha) for years due to an incurable illness. All of them involve a gorilla, mind swapping, and ultimately becoming Giganta. There are silly villains, strange villains, outdated villains and outright offensive villains... and then there's Egg Fu, a building-sized talking egg with a face and an accent grounded in the ugliest "Yellow Peril" stereotypes of somebody's idea of a Chinese person. Sure, people have heard of mainstays like Cheetah or Giganta, and fans of the '70s Lynda Carter TV series are aware of her World War II-era Nazi nemesis Baroness Von Gunther; but otherwise, Diana has largely found herself fighting either other DC hero's enemies or a long parade of forgettable weirdos and third-stringers - to the extent that the modern Wonder Woman stories often avoid DC-branded bad guys altogether in favor of pitting her against the gods and monsters of Greek mythology. Here are 10 super-strange supervillains who probably won't be menacing Gal Gadot in the new live-action Wonder Woman movie. We all know that Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic and powerful heroes in the DC Universe. When Did Wonder Woman Get Her Iconic Symbol? Can you think of any others that should probably be listed here? Her creations have killed so many people, and each of her poisons are every bit as deadly. Interesting stuff, sure - but for a movie? When I deal with them, I deal with them.” —Justice League#22 (Sept 2013) by Geoff Johns Many of Wonder Woman's rogues have been members of several villain team-ups.

On top of her natural abilities as a warrior, she has also been possessed by a Dark Angel in the past, harnessing its almighty power to fight against Diana.