Grief is a witness to love.”. The Goldmans have carried grief with them every day for the last 25 years and in this episode Kim talks to grief expert David Kessler. You've seen all the true crime documentaries, read all the books, and listened to all the podcasts. In this 10-part series, Kim takes you on a journey as she reclaims and reflects on the part of her life that was changed permanently. What they couldn’t have expected was that over the next nine months, they would be sequestered from public life and essentially have their entire lives put on pause. On this episode of A Dude And A Bro Podcast Show we go deep on Confronting: O.J. Dan reflects on everything from his strategy in the courtroom, to the pressure he felt to win the case. I wanted to take back control of a narrative that had impacted me but had always unfolded around The O.J. She mentions Kato Kaelin, the lovable surfer-dude witness who lived in the defendant’s guest house and faced ridicule in the courtroom and the media. Forensic Genealogist CeCe Moore's work with familial DNA has brought resolution to dozens of cases -- and landed her a role in the hottest new true crime show on the market: The Genetic Detective on ABC. “Reconnecting with these people gave me comfort and I was able to give them comfort, too. Thrust into the public eye at the age of 22, Kim was devastated when OJ Simpson was found not guilty of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole and her brother Ron. This particular episode stands out with the eye-opening advice Kessler offers Goldman: “Don’t hide your grief. We do reviews, new show suggestions and debate current topics from a wide range of podcast shows. In this bonus episode, jurors David Aldana and Lionel Cryer describe some of the ways the jurors were kept entertained when they weren't in the courtroom. Simpson' podcast. Confronting: O.J. Kim shares with David how she’s dealt with the loss of her brother and how she has been able to move forward while still holding on to his memory. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @Confrontingpod, Bonus: A Dialogue about Domestic Violence.

“It’s the same dream, never changing.” She pauses and I can hear her choke back the lump that threatens to crack her voice. Listen to Podcast: Kim speaks with Dan Petrocelli, the Goldman’s attorney for the lesser-known civil trial. Be the first to know about new speakers, sessions, and event locations. After all those months of testimony it took them mere hours to render one of the most controversial Not Guilty verdicts in history. “I didn’t go into the project thinking of it as a method of grieving,” Goldman says, “because I grieve him every day. Confronting: O.J.
“I grieve Ron every day in some way.” What she misses the most about her brother - her best friend and closest confidant - was the future that they were working toward before his brutal death. Today, Goldman runs a nonprofit that provides free mental health support to teenagers. Twenty-five years later, on the anniversary of his death, she launched the acclaimed Wondery podcast Confronting: O.J. Produced by Wondery, Confronting is a brave endeavor by host Kim Goldman to go back in time and interview all of the major players in the case. Together they discuss loss, healing and how grief looks different for all of us.

Ron Goldman's sister speaks out 25 years after his horrifying murder in 'Confronting O.J. In the tenth episode of Confronting we focus on grief and reflection.

Finally, Kim speaks with policy expert Esta Soler, the founder of Futures Without Violence, who continues to fight for reforms around domestic violence in our criminal justice system and our culture. The Goldmans didn’t get justice during the criminal trial, but the family had a second chance by filing a civil case against Simpson for the wrongful death of Ron. So begins a new podcast by Kim Goldman, sister of Ron Goldman, the man who was brutally murdered alongside OJ Simpson's ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, as he attempted to return sunglasses she had left behind in the restaurant he worked in. Confronting: O.J. “I want to show attendees what happens when they stop watching, when the cameras stop rolling.”, Though there will certainly be tears, attendees shouldn’t expect only a tear-jerking story of tragedy and grief. Both Lionel and David recall their experiences as part of the jury, reflect on the verdict they rendered and discuss how they would vote 25 years later. “I’m a big believer in action and takeaways,” she says with a renewed conviction in her voice. Please try again later or email us at and we can manually add you to the list. Celebrities have always been held to a different standard of the law. We want to do for podcasts what Siskel and Ebert did for the movies.

We are powered by podcasts. O.J. “Ron and I were always close and wanted to live in the same neighborhood, raise our kids to play together. Six Best Kim Goldman Podcasts For 2020. Then something happened. We felt it was important to air this episode immediately. Listen online, no signup necessary. But everyone can take action and make a difference, whether it’s voting in local elections, getting involved in their communities. Simpson in the criminal trial. With Kim Goldman and Nancy Glass, 18 episodes, 6 ratings & reviews. Kim also speaks with Pablo Fenjves, a witness during the criminal trial who was later hired to ghostwrite Simpson’s book, If I Did It –  a hypothetical account of the night of the murders. Simpson with Kim Goldman is a podcast by the sister of the bystander Ron Goldman who wound up tragically murdered alongside Nicole Brown-Simpson. Simpson with Kim Goldman is a podcast by the sister of the bystander Ron Goldman who wound up tragically murdered alongside Nicole Brown-Simpson. You were supposed to hear from jury members who acquitted O.J. When the Trial of the Century began, twelve jurors and twelve alternates stepped into the Los Angeles County Court House to perform their civic duty. Simpson with Kim Goldman podcast on demand - 25 years after the crimes that ignited the "Trial of the Century" Kim Goldman, sister of murder victim Ron Goldman, is digging deep into the vicious crime that changed her life, and many others, forever. Confronting: O.J. Kim speaks with a close friend of Nicole Brown as well as with the advocate from the City of Los Angeles who handled Nicole’s case over 30 years ago. Fifteen years later, Karen says the victim still visits her dreams on occasion. me.”. Enough is enough. “Grief is inconsistent and volatile and unpredictable,” Goldman says. This episode is different than what we told you would be coming your way. Pablo and Kim discuss how this book came to be and Pablo expresses what he learned as he wrote what was essentially a pseudo admission of guilt with Simpson.
Ron Goldman's sister Kim Goldman speaks out 25 … She has worked with children with disabilities and autism, advocated for victims’ rights, and is involved in countless community outreach programs. She mentions Jill Shively, the Brentwood resident who witnessed the defendant in Ron and Nicole’s murder trial driving erratically on the night of the murders, but who was never called to testify in court. When her brother Ron was murdered in Brentwood, CA while trying to defend his friend Nicole Brown from a brutal attack in 1995, Goldman’s world was thrown into a tailspin. “It plagues me,” she says. He was the longest-serving prime minister of one of the world’s wealthiest countries, until he was brought down by three powerful women - and two words: “Bunga Bunga.” From Wondery, the makers of Dirty John and The Shrink Next Door, and hosted by comedian Whitney Cummings, “Bunga Bunga” is an eight part series on the incredible true story of the rise and fall of Silvio Berlusconi, told with Whitney’s signature wit and style.

Finally, Kim gets answers to the questions that have been haunting her since the trial.

This time, it wouldn’t be “the People vs. Orenthal James Simpson”, it would be the Goldman’s name on the lawsuit. Over the years, Goldman recognized that Ron and Nicole’s deaths and the emotionally violent trial that followed had affected a large population of those close to the case. She mentions Chris Darden, the co-prosecutor who lost his own brother to AIDS during the trial.

It was cathartic in a different way than I thought it would be.”, As the podcast series winds down, Goldman finds herself in the company of grief counselor David Kessler. Simpson with Kim Goldman. Make room in your playlist for these hot new true crime pods! In this episode of Confronting, Kim speaks with two of the jurors, Lionel Cryer and David Aldana. Executive Producer, Nancy Glass, spoke with Malcolm to see if he or his client would have a conversation with Kim. Kim also speaks with Pablo Fenjves, a witness during the criminal trial who was later hired to ghostwrite Simpson’s book, If I Did It – a hypothetical account of the night of the murders. We are going to pull back the curtain a bit and share something that occurred behind the scenes. Oops, there was an error sending your message. Kim Goldman knows a lot about grief. Be sure to add to your address book to ensure our emails don't go to spam. “And I never know when to expect it.”. “It was just me, Ron, and my Dad,” Goldman says. In this bonus episode, Kim has a conversation about domestic violence with lawyer, author, and clinical therapist Robin Sax. “It’s what he would have done; it’s what he would have wanted; and it’s why I’m here.”, Goldman will bring that mission to the stage at CrimeCon 2020, where she will help the audience get to know her brother -- and hopefully gain a new perspective. There has been much debate and confusion about what really happened the night of those brutal murders and for the first time Kim gets answers to questions that have been haunting her since the trial. This bonus episode is a further conversation between Kim and David Kessler, an expert in grief who contributed to Episode 10. Quarantine drags on and on. But what did the jurors do when they weren’t in the jury box. The podcast follows Goldman as she catches up with Shively, Darden, and Kaelin as well as prosecutor Marcia Clark and a juror who faced accusations of racial bias after rendering a not guilty verdict.

We believe podcasters and YouTube Creators are changing people’s lives. On this episode of Confronting, Kim explores the difficult and complex subject of domestic violence. The jury in the Trial of the Century was sequestered for almost 9 months, longer than any jury before and since. You'd be forgiven for wondering why this podcast is … That trajectory crashed off course with Ron’s death. “For so long my father and I thought we couldn’t make a difference, when we just didn’t know how.